Taming your assumptions mammoth I

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Assumptions Refresher

If you’re working in product you are heeding to Signals all day. Customer interviews, Usability tests, Competitor updates, stakeholder feedback, Customer Support tickets, you name it. You process these signals, generate ideas and then work on iterating , validating , shipping them. You’re driving towards outcomes, and these signals are simply the first step of many in your Product Development engine.

  1. Strength of Assumption Management: The process by which you create and validate assumptions
  2. Strength of Execution: The practice of you bringing in tech, design and operations together to build, ship and track your assumptions.

Signals in the Product System

To understand how strong your assumption engine is, think of it as a system. A very crude PM system simply is a receiver of signals and a producer of assumptions.

  1. Each PM has their own intrinsic signal vectors they’ve built over years of product practice and learning. Some PMs lean higher on direct customer signals, some rely too heavily on leadership direction, others rely on sales. Changes to intrinsic vectors are slow and need deliberate effort. This is a function of their past roles, product success or even natural inclination.
  2. Every product team has their own processes and culture that create an extrinsic signal vector. These are guided often by leadership, senior management or long standing individual contributors who have directly or indirectly shaped it.
The in-practice signal vector comes from your intrinsic as well as your team’s extrinsic vector

Part II Continued here



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Aditya Mishra

Aditya Mishra


I love drawing connections from different subjects in a hope to simplify the world of product management. https://www.linkedin.com/in/adityarsmishra/