A guide to process signals better and make stronger assumptions

Assumptions Refresher

If you’re working in product you are heeding to Signals all day. Customer interviews, Usability tests, Competitor updates, stakeholder feedback, Customer Support tickets, you name it. You process these signals, generate ideas and then work on iterating , validating …

I’ve been trying to understand what makes some teams work well together over long runs. There’s hundreds of parameters that have been studied, but I came across the concept of cohesion in the context of military performance and it made sense to me.

Team cohesion — how well can teams…

As part of a rapidly moving company, we are shipping and scaling rapidly. A good byproduct is the exponential growth in the number of requests we need to deal with. Since it’s mentally and physically demanding to keep up with everything, we need to deny many requests.

Personally, I know…

Aditya Mishra

I love drawing connections from different subjects in a hope to simplify the world of product management. https://www.linkedin.com/in/adityarsmishra/

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